Trat Airport (TDX)



Thailand Airport - Trat Airport (TDX)

Full name: Trat Airport
Location: The airport is located approximately 14 miles (22km) from Centerpoint pier, where most visitors head to in order to transfer by ferry to Koh Chang.
Time: Local time is GMT +7.
Getting to the city: Minibuses are available to the town centre. No public buses or taxis are permitted to pick up passengers at the airport.
Car Rental: Car hire options are available at the airport.
Airport Taxis: Minibus services are available from the airport. No public taxis operate at the airport.
Facilities: The open-air terminal has limited facilities including an ATM, clean restrooms, and food outlets.
Parking: Parking is available near the terminal.
Trat Airport Map:

Trat Airport Taxis: the taxi fares above are intended as a guideline only.