National Museum and House of Culture, Dar Es Salaam

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National Museum
National Museum © Digr

National Museum and House of Culture

Located next to the Botanical Gardens, the National Museum (now officially called the National Museum and House of Culture) was opened in 1940 in the King George V Memorial Museum. A new wing was built in 1963 and King George V's car can be viewed here. Visitors can see archaeological finds such as rock paintings and a 3.6-million-year-old hominid footprint. The museum presents an overview of Tanzania's history, including displays on the Kilwa period (9th - 15th century), the English and German colonial occupation, the slave trade, local rebellions, and the struggle for independence. Although by no means a state of the art museum, this simple institution has some fascinating artefacts and is a good one-stop attraction for those wanting to come to grips with the history of the country.

Address: Shaaban Robert St