Parque Natural de Bardenas Reales, Barcelona

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The Bardenas Reales National Park
The Bardenas Reales National Park © Geheimnistragerin

Parque Natural de Bardenas Reales

The UNESCO Biosphere Reserve of Parque Natural de Barenas Reales is a semi-desert landscape. The malleable clay, chalk, and sandstone of the landscape has been eroded into surprising and unusual shapes by wind and rain over the millennia. Vegetation of any kind is scarce in the reserve, as is human habitation, and the streams that flow across the barren land are seasonal. The rugged cliffs, hills, and ravines are home to Egyptian Vultures, Golden Eagles, and Peregrine Falcons, with a total of 24 species of birds of prey, as well as many other bird and animal species. Visitors to the park can also see the ruins of Peñaflor Castle, while the nearby towns of Arguedas and Valtierra boast a variety of attractions and historical sites for visitors to enjoy, as well as accommodation. The region is actually comprised of three nature reserves and is an absolute joy for photographers. There are a number of well signposted routes traversing the park which can be followed on foot, by bicycle, on horseback, or by car, and a number of reputable tour companies can arrange tours and activities within the park.

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