Orange, Provence

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Theatre of Orange
Theatre of Orange © Mark Goebel


Just north of Avignon, Orange was the former seat of the Counts of Orange, a title created in the 8th century and passed to the Dutch crown in the 16th century. The family's most famous member was Prince William, who ascended the English throne in 1689. Today the town is best known for its spectacular Roman theatre and triumphal arch, both of which remain remarkably intact. The Roman Theatre is 2,000 years old and will leave visitors breathless with wonder; it truly is an amazing site to visit. They hold concerts here in summer. The rest of Orange isn't strikingly picturesque; however, there are pleasant tree-lined streets and squares with some nice cafes and restaurants and, delightfully, there is a small river, the Meyne, which runs lazily through part of the town, winding around buildings and gardens, which gives Orange a surprisingly pastoral feel. It is also worth visiting the Colline St Eutrope park area which runs across the big hill in Orange and is traversed by lovely paths perfect for a walk or jog. There is a fantastic view from parts of the hill, looking down on the Roman Theatre at the base.

Address: Ten miles (16km) north of Avignon.