Nambung National Park, Perth

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Nambung National Park
Nambung National Park © fzhuo

Nambung National Park

Located in the Swan Coastal Plain, just 150 miles (245km) north of Perth, the Nambung National Park is home to one of Australia's most incredible natural attractions - the Pinnacles Desert. One of the Seven Natural Wonders of Oceania, the Pinnacles Desert consists of thousands of limestone pillars, protruding from the yellow desert sand in a variety of shapes and sizes (some reaching 3.5 metres in height). It is a truly unique sight, unlike anything you've ever seen before - an unearthly, unforgettable landscape, best viewed in September and October, when wildflowers bloom, adding colour to the vast desert expanse. Nambung National Park also boasts white-sand beaches and marine life, and picnicking, swimming, fishing, and snorkelling opportunities, making it a stone-cold 'must-see' attraction in the state of Western Australia.

Address: Pinnacles Drive, Cervantes