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Azure Window
Azure Window © anjab1593

Azure Window

A marvellous Maltese treat, the Azure Window is a distinctive rock formation forming a large arch over the brilliant blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Formed when several enormous caves collapsed, it's often been a perfect location for film shoots.

Located in Gozo, near the tourist village of Dwejra, the Azure Window is a popular scuba diving site in Malta. Unfortunately, tourists aren't allowed to walk across the arch due to erosion, with the site in danger of falling apart altogether. If this happens, it will be renamed the Azure Pinnacle.

This coastline boasts many secluded pebbled bathing pools and crystal clear water. The strange formations formed in lovely little pools makes swimming exciting, providing enjoyable diving in the blue hole near the Azure Window. The area's most famous formation is Fungus Rock, found near the entrance to a black lagoon. Heavily guarded during the era of the Knights of Malta because of a special plant with healing properties which grew upon it, stealing the plant meant death penalty.