Piwnica pod Baranami, Krakow

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Piwnica © Birczanin

Piwnica pod Baranami

The Piwnica pod Baranami is a Parisian-style cabaret house located in Krakow's old town, allowing tourists to experience and appreciate the culture, values, and ideals of the city. Created by Piotr Skryznecki in 1956, this bohemian underground cellar soon became a haven for local artists and intellectuals where they would indulge in one of Poland's favourite cultural pastimes: political cabaret. The Piwnica pod Baranami still functions as a cabaret house to this day with performances on Saturdays at 9pm remaining extremely popular, so book your ticket early. A highly recommended tourist activity in Poland, it's a great spot to begin an unforgettable Saturday night.

Address: Main Market Square, Krakow.
Website: www.piwnicapodbaranami.pl/