Belvedere Park, Tunis

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Belvedere Park
Belvedere Park © Conrado Plano

Belvedere Park

Tunis' largest park, Belvedere Park covers 270 acres (110 ha) just north of the city. Known as the 'Lungs of Tunis' due to the scarcity of green spaces in the city, Belvedere Park has a number of family-friendly attractions to enjoy on fine days in Tunis. Children will love the Tunis Zoo, a pleasant facility with monkeys, bears, deer, peacocks and elephants; while adults will marvel at the intricately-decorated high domed ceilings of the Turkish Pavilion. Belvedere Park has an art gallery featuring local contemporary works near the entrance gate, and when the weather is hot visitors can cool off in the shade of trees overlooking Lake Tunis on Place Pasteur.
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