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Allen Street


Tombstone is probably the most famous town in the Wild West, and attracts thousands of tourists with its old wooden, Western-style buildings, swinging saloon doors, stagecoach rides, gunslingers, dusty streets and shootout re-enactments. Many Hollywood movies have been shot here against the rugged mountain...  see full details

Colossal Cave

Colossal Cave Mountain Park

In 1923, the first proper tours of Colossal Cave were conducted using ropes and lanterns; today more advanced, comfortable options are offered. The cave is considered dry or dormant as it is no longer 'growing' crystal formations, due to a lack of water....  see full details

Kartchner Caverns State Park

Kartchner Caverns State Park

Kartchner Caverns State Park is home to one of the great natural wonders of the American west. There is no known record of the huge living cave being seen before the 1970s and the pristine conditions within have been carefully preserved. A remarkable...  see full details

Mountain Lion

Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum

This world-renowned museum is more like a zoo, with the majority of the exhibitions outside showcasing the surrounding desert's creatures in their natural habitats. Exhibits include mountain lions, otters, coyotes, bighorn sheep, lizards, and a walk-in aviary. Located in the Sonoran Desert, the setting...  see full details

Bear Canyon Trail

Sabino Canyon

Of the many natural attractions in the Tucson vicinity, Sabino Canyon is one of the most popular. This gaping divide in the Santa Catalina Mountains is the site where ancient Hohokam people constructed irrigation dams while mammoths still roamed the area. After a six-mile...  see full details