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Like a jazz rhythm that defines so much of the city's music, Brussels' nightlife is impromptu, at times schizophrenic, alternately relaxing and cool or hot and fast. Although there are a host of choices for eclectic nightlife, the city after dark is often outshone by brighter and more vibrant European cities.

Most Brussels locals anchor the afternoon to the night with a pint or two of their world famous beer. This is best done in one of the many Old World-style pubs or cafés littered about the city, such as in Place Brouckere. These are more after work meeting places, popular with all ages, than party destinations. A mellow evening can continue with jazz concerts in the many jazz clubs, or with theatre and dance shows.

An edgier side of Brussels herds late night bar and club goers into eccentric themed venues. Rue du Marché au Charbon is a lively strip of bright bars. Upper-town clubs tend to be more trendy and expensive than lower-town, where a more casual clientèle dances the night away to electronic beats. Renowned DJ's frequent Brussels' clubs and a regular line-up of heavyweight bands play at the city's concert venues.