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Skulls at Choeung Ek

Choeung Ek (The Killing Fields)

The Cambodian genocide during the late 1970s ranks as one of the great horrors of modern history. Under Pol Pot's rule an estimated 1.7 million people (21 percent of the Cambodian population) were either ruthlessly slaughtered by the Khmer Rouge, or died of starvation...  see full details

Yak Loum Lake


Ratanakiri Province is Cambodia's version of the Wild West. Situated in the northeast of the country, along the border with Vietnam, it is slightly inaccessible. This does not deter the more intrepid travellers for whom the extra effort is worthwhile for the stunning...  see full details

Sihanoukville, Cambodia


While this beach town isn't nearly as famous as those found along Thailand's pristine coast, it does make a great tourist getaway. Sihanoukville is the country's only deep water port, making much of the town industrial and unattractive to tourists. But the coastal...  see full details

Kep, Cambodia

Krong Kep

From Phnom Penh, a great excursion is the formerly lavish resort town of Krong Kep. Once a famous high-society destination, called The Pearl of the Orient, Kep is now more of a rustic fishing village; a peaceful and charming destination for those who...  see full details

Kratie, Cambodia

River Dolphins

The Irrawaddy river dolphins inhabit a 118-mile (190km) stretch of the Mekong River. These odd but delightful creatures are in danger of extinction and the Cambodian population was recently estimated to consist of a mere 85 animals. For years the dolphins were killed...  see full details