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Though there are plenty of things to experience in Siem Reap, many top attractions lie just outside the city. The famous Angkor Archaeological Park is the most notable sightseeing destination. Stretching over 150 square miles (400 sq km), it houses some of the most important archaeological sites in Asia. More specifically, the park contains the magnificent remains of several buildings and monuments from the ancient Khmer Empire (9th to 15th century). The most famous sites include the Temple of Angkor Wat and the Bayon Temple. Adventurous travellers may want to visit temples like Beng Mealea, which nestles in the jungle. The Angkor temples can easily occupy visitors for several days, particularly as the Angkor Archaeological Park's landscapes are magnificent in and of themselves.

There are several notable tourist attractions within Siem Reap, including the Angkor National Museum, which is a useful complement to the archaeological wonders of the Angkor Temples. This modern museum is home to impressive galleries of artefacts taken from the temple complex. Another not-to-be-missed museum in Siem Reap is rather a different experience. Aki Ra's Landmine Museum lays out the modern strife of a country still struggling with landmines.

Visitors must be sure to visit Psar Chaa (the Old Market), a bustling collection of merchant stalls. This is a good venue for shopping and experiencing daily life in Siem Reap.

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Temples of Angkor

The magnificent Temples of Angkor are a must-see on any trip to Cambodia, taking the visitor into the heart of the ancient Khmer Empire. Built between the 9th and 13th centuries, more than 100 temples have been uncovered as evidence of this impressive...  see full details

Landmine Museum, Cambodia

Aki Ra's Landmine Museum

The Aki Ra Museum, often simply called the Cambodian Landmine Museum, provides a jarring counterpoint to the ancient Khmer glories on display at Angkor Wat by showcasing the more recent horrors of Cambodia's political and social upheavals. This museum, founded by Aki Ra, a...  see full details

Psar Chaa Market

Psar Chaa - Old Market

Psar Chaa, the Old Market, is Siem Reap's most popular shopping experience for visitors. The outside stalls sell every kind of souvenirs including silk, carvings, stoneware, faux vintage items, clothes, paintings, and photos of Angkor Wat temples. You can even get very reasonably...  see full details

Angkor National Museum

Angkor National Museum

This museum is an archaeological museum dedicated to the preservation and presentation of the Angkorian articles. It convenient and useful stop-over en route to the temples of Angkor, allowing visitors insight into the centuries of history, culture, rich symbolism, and myth associated with the...  see full details