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Cairo Travel Agents and Tour Operators

The following tour operators offer interesting travel packages and holiday advice on Cairo. Please contact us if you would like to suggest other quality travel agents specialising in vacations to Cairo.

Ask Aladdin

Ask Aladdin is a popular tour operator in Egypt, hiring expert local tour guides in the region. Ask Aladdin specialises in trips throughout Egypt and into Jordan, from the Great Pyramids of Giza to night-time cruises on the Nile. They offer luxury tour packages and budget holidays, so all travellers can experience Egypt in style. Journey through time and space, travelling to modern and ancient Egypt on day tours and multi-day trips of up to 20 days. Ask Aladdin offers word-class tours and travel advice for those seeking an authentic Egyptian experience.


Egypt Tailor Made

Egypt Tailor Made is a top-rated tour operator in Egypt, dedicated to delivering the best custom holidays in Egypt. Experts are on hand to help craft custom itineraries, and there are also fixed packages available for those seeking an already established tour. Egypt Tailor Made hosts travellers in all the major cities, including Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor and Aswan, and also reveals the lesser known gems of Egypt, ideal for second time visitors. There are first class and budget packages available, the tours are family friendly, and Egypt Tailor Made is highly recommended by top travel websites around the globe.


Memphis Tours

Memphis Tours is a tour operator in Egypt offering one of the most well established services in the region. Memphis Tours specialises in multi-day tours, giving travellers the chance to experience Egypt and also travel to other countries in the region that are famed for keeping the spirit of the ancient world alive. They offer group, private and custom tours, which cater to luxury and budget travellers.