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Things to see and do with kids in Miami

Miami is a great holiday destination for families with kids. This exciting city offers numerous attractions and activities for children, many of which parents will enjoy too. From museums to parks and beaches, there is no shortage of places to take kids while on holiday in Miami.

Miami favourites for kids include the outer-space exhibits at the Miami Science Museum, as well as the killer whale performances at the Seaquarium. Children also love seeing Jungle Island's exotic parrots, crocodiles, and penguins. One of the best beaches for children is Crandon Park Beach. Both the Gold Coast Railroad Museum and the Miami Children's Museum will provide hours of amusement.

Summer tends to be a bit too warm and stormy to enjoy with kids on holiday in Miami; most families prefer to visit in winter when the temperatures are a bit more comfortable, and off-season rates for accommodation and attractions are available. Families also generally choose to avoid the Spring Break antics of March, when the student-filled beaches could be inappropriate for children.

Miami Seaquarium

Miami Seaquarium

At least half a day is required to fully enjoy south Florida's premier attraction. The Seaquarium is world-renowned for its marine life shows and attractions, including performing killer whales and television aquatic star, Flipper the dolphin. Another favourite star is the sea lion Salty...  see full details

Macaw at Jungle Island

Jungle Island

An offshoot of Parrot Jungle, Jungle Island is a new complex offering an exciting array of wildlife from parrots and macaws to crocodiles and penguins. You can witness over 200 parrots at the Manu Encounter, the world's only aviary replicating the clay cliffs of...  see full details

Crandon Park

Crandon Park Beach

Aside from providing a beautiful sample of Florida's famed sand and sea, Crandon Park Beach also has an Amusement Center with a carousel, a roller rink, a splash fountain, and a playground for kids to enjoy, making it a very good option for...  see full details

 Gold Coast Railroad Museum

Gold Coast Railroad Museum

Kids will be delighted by the Gold Coast Railroad Museum, which offers train rides, toy trains to play with, and interesting model train exhibits. The museum's railroad car collection includes President Roosevelt's historic Ferdinand Magellan carriage. In March each year there are Thomas the...  see full details

Miami Children's Museum

Miami Children's Museum

The child-sized exhibits at the Miami Children's Museum are both colourful and interactive. Kids can explore the museum's simulated hospital, supermarket or fire station, playing and moving anything they like. The Mt. Michimu rock-climbing wall offers a fun, physical challenge for older children, while...  see full details