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Events 2019

Cannes Fireworks Festival

Cannes Fireworks Festival

Attracting some of the best pyrotechnicians in the world, the Festival of Pyrotechnic Art in Cannes sees fireworks masters compete under their national flags on about seven nights, turning the skies of the picturesque town into an artistic canvas. Apart from the overall prize...  see full details

Nice Carnival

Nice Carnival

The main winter event on the French Riviera and one of the major carnivals in the world, the Nice Carnival brings the city to life with a series of flower parades, float processions, fireworks and concerts every year. The float procession is one...  see full details

Palme d'Or Award

Cannes Film Festival

The Cannes Film Festival is one of the most renowned film festivals in the world. Each year a selection of the finest filmmakers from the international scene judge entries from across the globe. Hollywood often chooses to screen blockbuster films on opening night and...  see full details