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Savannah Historic District
Savannah Historic District © Photoartel
Credited as being the first planned city in the United States, Georgia's city of Savannah is positioned on a bluff above the Savannah River, a few miles upstream from the Atlantic Ocean state coastline. This Southern city is filled with old-fashioned hospitality and a small-town atmosphere. Savannah invites visitors to stroll back in time, right to 1733 when the city was first founded by British General James Oglethorpe with the permission of native Yamacraw Indian chief Tomo-chi-chi.

Savannah contains one of the country's largest preserved historical urban areas, where visitors can explore the grandiose mansions and Spanish moss-covered oaks. The city's legacy as a major player in the cotton industry is still evident in the Savannah Cotton Exchange. The Pink House, dating back to 1789 and home to Georgia's first bank also bears testimony to the economic prosperity of the region. Apart from hundreds of architecturally significant buildings, Savannah is also not lacking in restaurants, shops (particularly fine antique stores), Civil War forts, museums, galleries, quaint squares, and lovely beaches. This all rightfully earns it the nickname, 'the Hostess City of the South'.

Strategically positioned on the north of the Georgia coastline, Savannah serves as an excellent starting point for exploring the scenic barrier islands, resort towns, and inlets found along the coast. And of course, it is imperative one try the region's world-famous shrimp that is caught and cooked to perfection.

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