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Hannover Travel Agents and Tour Operators

The following tour operators offer interesting travel packages and holiday advice on Hannover. Please contact us if you would like to suggest other quality travel agents specialising in vacations to Hannover.

Sandemanns Hamburg, Munich and Berlin Tours

Sandemann's New Europe is a unique tour operator in Germany, providing free tours of its major cities, Hamburg, Munich and Berlin. These tours are based on a tip basis, so guides are incentivised to guide the best historical and cultural tours in the city. There are also paid tours available, including pub crawls that showcase the city under the stars and on the bars. Sandemann's offers a unique and fantastic service, and it's free!


Travel Without Borders

A popular tour operator, Travel Without Borders offers bespoke German holiday packages. Travel Without Borders has in-depth knowledge of Germany's cities, towns and countryside, providing visitors with tailored holiday packages. They organise flights, accommodation and tours for groups, families and individuals, catering for budget and luxury travellers. Travel Without Borders also provides specialised holidays for wine and food lovers, motor car enthusiasts, and those who prefer to travel by water, ensuring there is a holiday for everybody.