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Things to see and do with kids in Athens

Athens has a lot to offer children. From a learning perspective, parents can bless kids with rich, authentic history lessons in a city that's been around for thousands of years. Regarding active types of fun, Athens won't disappoint.

With warm summers and mild winters, Athens boasts the perfect climate for outdoor activities. Visitors can picnic with locals in the city's many parks and gardens, some of which have children's playgrounds. Families can also take the cable car up Mount Lykavittos and let kids enjoy the view over Athens. Children tend to enjoy the city's theme parks and local go-kart track as well.

Children's museums make for great outings when Athens does see some rain. Otherwise, the city has a world-class planetarium and many indoor playgrounds.

Meerkat at Attica Zoological Gardens

Attica Zoological Gardens

Attica Zoo is unique in Greece. Featuring exotic animals such as lynxes, Angolan lions, and Persian leopards, plus more than 30 bird species, it's a must for animal lovers of all ages. Striving to combine education with entertainment, the zoo takes visitors on a...  see full details

National Gardens

National Gardens

Picnicking with the children at the National Gardens on a Saturday has become a common pastime for local Athenian families and is a great way to spend a sunny summer's day when the days are long. The gardens used to be called the...  see full details


Allou Fun Park

Allou! Fun Park has rides to suit every age group and thrill threshold. Visitors soon realise why it's the city's most popular theme park. Access is technically free, meaning anyone can enter and soak up the festive atmosphere. Otherwise, all rides and activities accept a...  see full details

Children's Mosaic

Hellenic Children's Museum

The Hellenic Children's Museum is a non-profit educational and cultural organisation that was established in Athens in 1987 and aims to encourage children to explore, learn, discover and question all around them. The museum is located in two houses which have been specifically designed...  see full details