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Gorgeous coasts and sublime natural scenery define Samos Island. White-pebbled Mykali, secluded Megalo Seitani, and nudist Tsamadou are among its best beaches.

Potami is another favourite location, where beach lovers can enjoy forests and waterfalls near the ocean. Kids usually enjoy Psili Ammos Beach's warm, shallow waters.

Beyond its glorious beaches, Samos is home to the Temple of Hera, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It's certainly a must-see. Visitors can also explore Pythagoras Cave for an historical and philosophical perspective on the island. The Ancient Theatre of Pythagorio offers cultural insights and perhaps a show, while the castle of Lykourgos Logothetis is a magnificent example of military architecture. Situated southwest of Pythagorio Port, it played a vital role in the Greek Revolution against Turkish rule.

Samos Beach

Samos Beaches

The coast of Samos has many beautiful beaches to enjoy as it is a large, lush island. There are at least 20 beaches which tourists and locals recommend. Mykali beach, south of Samos town, is covered in white pebbles and lapped by emerald...  see full details

Temple of Hera

Temple of Hera

The largest Greek temple ever built, the Temple of Hera was one of the essential sanctuaries of ancient Greece, and is now a great sightseeing attraction. It was built near the mouth of the Imvrasos river for worship of the goddess who, according...  see full details


Pythagoras Cave

One of the great attractions on Samos is the cave where Pythagoras lived and worked as a philosopher, mathematician, astrologer, doctor and musician. Very little is actually known for sure about Pythagoras but legend has it that he used the caves as a refuge...  see full details

Ancient theatre of Pythagoreio

Ancient Theatre of Pythagorion

The Ancient Theatre of Pythagorion sits just below Panagia Spiliani monastery's ruins. Its stage and some seats are all that remains. Still, these remnants hint at how grand the venue must have been in its time. Today, performers use the site for plays, as...  see full details

Potami Beach

Potami Waterfalls

Children love to visit these beautiful waterfalls on the northeast coast of Samos Island, although it is certainly not necessary to have children along to enjoy this scenic island attraction. Visitors should follow the road west from Karlovassi that leads towards the harbour, which...  see full details

Castle of Lykurgos

Lykourgos Castle

The castle of Lykourgos Logothetis is a magnificent example of defensive architecture. It is situated to the southwest of the port of Pythagorio, and was built at the beginning of the 19th century, playing a vital role in the Greek Revolution against Turkish...  see full details