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Abidjan is not known as a tourist Mecca, but there are a couple of interesting sites to visit while in the city. It is a spread out city made up of a handful of districts but a good place to start a tour (probably the only place) is Le Plateau. Starting at Laza De la Republique and heading into the Tourist Information centre in the Air Ivoire Building will give you a good idea of what can be seen in Abidjan. From there walk up Blvd De la Republique. You will pass the flea market on the left hand side of the road and places to eat, but make sure to take some water with you.

Stay on this road and you will pass the Stadium and it will evenly curve around to the left leaving you at the Cathedral St. Paul. This modern imposing Cathedral is certainly one of the major landmarks in Abidjan. Built in honour of the Pope in 1985, the architecture is meant to symbolize the form of Jesus, though with hints of elephant tusks, the symbol of Cote D'Ivoire. The National museum is a short walk from the Cathedral. You could make a day of this or at least half of one if you take your time.



Tourists to Abidjan looking for a little entertainment should head to the area of Treichville, a small commune located in the southwest of the city. Full of bars and restaurants, as well as a race course, swimming pool and sports park, this is...  see full details

St Paul

Saint Paul's Cathedral

Designed by Italian architect Aldo Spirito, and covering a massive 14,625 square feet (4,500m square), this cathedral is Africa's second-largest church building and can seat more than 3,500 people. In a beautiful opening ceremony, Pope John Paul II inaugurated the cathedral in August 1985....  see full details


Abokouamekro National Park

Located about an hour away from Yamoussoukro, the Parc National d'Abokouamekro (Abokouamekro National Park) is an up-and-coming Ivory Coast tourist attraction of great promise. Covering over 21,000 hectares of verdant grassland, criss-crossed by rivers and punctuated by towering trees, Abokouamekro National Park is also...  see full details