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Sightseeing in Kingston has a split personality due to the city's colonial past. Visitors will find attractions like Devon House and Spanish Town with grand British and Spanish architecture next to bustling markets with a distinctly Afro-Caribbean flavour.

Visitors shouldn't miss touring the stately mansions and art galleries alongside the beaches and Bob Marley sights. Further from the city, the Blue Mountains offer a wild experience with waterfalls, hiking, and tours of thoroughly-modernised coffee plantations. Don't miss out on sampling the world-famous Blue Mountain coffee; the best place to do so is at the Jablum Coffee Company in the village of Mavis Bank.

Kingston has come a long way, and is sure to have something to do and see for everyone. Highlights include the Bob Marley Museum, located in the musician's former home in Kingston; Port Royal, the one-time capital of Jamaica, famous for its tales of piracy; and the National Gallery, a small but well-maintained art museum which showcases a number of local artists of international repute. You can also enjoy a picnic and a stroll in the Hope Botanical Gardens, which has a small zoo that will entertain children, and a few hours of shopping and dining at Devon House, a magnificent Georgian mansion which has been turned into a craft and heritage centre.

The Bob Marley Museum

Bob Marley Museum

Jamaica's most famous son, singer and songwriter Bob Marley, was responsible for making reggae music a global phenomenon. The popular Rastafarian became a cult figure even before his death in 1981, caused by cancer when he was only 36 years old.

This museum...  see full details

Into The Sun by Edna Manley

National Gallery

Kingston's National Gallery displays the works of Jamaica's talented artists, particularly that of Edna Manley (19th-century sculptor and the wife of a former prime minister of Jamaica) and other artists who have been inspired by her work.

Manley's acclaimed Ghetto Mother stands in the...  see full details

Hope Botanical Gardens

Hope Botanical Gardens

This 20-hectare (50-acre) oasis of beauty in the middle of downtown Kingston is the largest botanical garden in the West Indies. Inside, paths meander past manicured lawns and tranquil gardens, including a cactus garden, orchid house, a forest garden and an ornamental pond. The...  see full details

Spanish Town

Spanish Town

The neighbourhood known as Spanish Town is on the western outskirts of Kingston, and was capital of the island under Spanish rule between 1662 and 1872. Today the architecture is an interesting mix of Spanish and British Georgian, and there are some historic attractions...  see full details

Port Royal

Port Royal

Port Royal was once a 17th-century haven for hedonistic pirates and malcontents dedicated to looting Spanish vessels throughout the Caribbean, until it was destroyed by an earthquake in 1692. Today, the former haunt of notorious pirates like Henry Morgan, Blackbeard and Calico Jack is...  see full details

Blue Mountains

Blue Mountains

Towering across eastern Jamaica, the 28-mile (45km) long mountain range seems constantly shrouded in a mist that gives the mountains their bluish colour. The John Crow National Park, at the base of the mountains, was established to preserve the diverse range of species that...  see full details

Coffee Beans

Jablum Coffee Company

In the Blue Mountain hamlet of Mavis Bank, on the trail to Blue Mountain Peak, lies the Jablum Coffee Company.

The coffee factory was built in 1923 and has remained a family-run business for generations. The production of Blue Mountain coffee dates back...  see full details

Devon House

Devon House

Devon House in Kingston is a prime example of Jamaican Georgian architecture. The house was built by Jamaica's first black millionaire, George Stiebel, at the end of the 19th Century. It's furnished with a number of antiques and evokes the feel of a 'Jamaican...  see full details