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Things to see and do with kids in Tokyo

Though not everyone's ideal holiday destination with children, Tokyo is surprisingly well geared towards kids on holiday. With a dazzling array of technological attractions, scientific museums, and a rich and colourful history, children should find there is plenty to explore in Tokyo.

The Baji Equestrian Park is a great place to take kids to watch horse shows and even have a pony ride, or for a more exhilarating day out, head to the Tokyo Dome City where children can enjoy countless rides and games at the amusement park and parents can relax and pamper themselves in the spa. The Tokyo Metropolitan Children's Hall is also a great attraction for kids to enjoy. With its indoor gyms, computers, crafts areas, mini-theatre, and rooftop playground, it is Tokyo's largest public facility for children.

On a sunny day, why not pack a picnic and the Frisbee and head off to Shinjuku Park, or Hama-Rikyu Sunken Garden, for a stroll or just to admire the cherry trees and blossoms. Or for those days when the weather turns bad and outdoor activities for kids are no longer an option, visit the Panasonic Center.

Alternatively, soak up a bit of culture at one of Tokyo's many museums, such as the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, Museum of Maritime Science, or the National Science Museum. You'll find a number of skating rinks, sports clubs, and swimming pools dotted around the city.

Tokyo Disneyland

Tokyo Disney Resort

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Inokashira Park

Inokashira Park

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Joypolis Sega

Tokyo Joypolis

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