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Amsterdam Travel Agents and Tour Operators

The following tour operators offer interesting travel packages and holiday advice on Amsterdam. Please contact us if you would like to suggest other quality travel agents specialising in vacations to Amsterdam.

Amsterdam City Tours

Amsterdam City Tours is a tour operator in Amsterdam specialising in all your holiday sightseeing and touring needs. Offering guided tours through some of the most fascinating parts of Amsterdam and the Netherlands, Amsterdam City Tours prides itself on the fact that all its tours benefit from the experience and knowledge of real Amsterdam experts and any tour can be tailored to suit travellers' personal needs.


Boat Bike Tours

Boat Bike Tours is a popular tour operator in Amsterdam that specialises in boat and bicycle travel through the Netherlands and surrounding countries. They offer leisurely exploration of the Netherlands on a combination of cruise and cycling routes, with options that cater to all budgets. Responding to the growing demands for authentic travel in the Netherlands, Boat Bike Tours provide in-depth exploration of the natural beauty and cultural traditions of the Netherlands, offering comfortable and affordable accommodation.


That Dam Guide

Amsterdam is the most famous city in the Netherlands and one of the most popular tour operators in Amsterdam is That Dam Guide. Dabbling in a little bit of everything, That Dam Guide explores the infamous Red Light District, one of the major attractions of the city, in all its neon glory (parental discretion is advised for this tour). They also guide travellers around the city covering its main historical sites, eat their way through the best foodie stores and restaurants in Amsterdam, and tour the city's most famous cafes and bars. This tour operator is for those who want to experience the ins and outs of Amsterdam like a local. Private tours can be arranged for a more exclusive experience of Amsterdam.