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Abuja Travel Agents and Tour Operators

The following tour operators offer interesting travel packages and holiday advice on Abuja. Please contact us if you would like to suggest other quality travel agents specialising in vacations to Abuja.


A land of sandy beaches, lagoons, tracts of tropical forest, magnificent waterfalls and fascinating historic sites, Nigeria has lots to offer adventurous travellers to Africa. Offering an awe-inspiring trip across the western countries from Ghana to Cameroon, overland adventure tour specialists, Dragoman take travellers across diverse landscapes, to meet people from many different tribes and through countries with poor tourist infrastructure. Staying mainly in campsites and in a few local hotels visitors travel overland through southern Nigeria to Jos Plateau, go big game safari spotting in Yankari National Park, Nigeria's best wildlife reserve, stay at hot springs, traverse the Alfi Mountains, visit rainforests and a monkey conservation project. To experience the other side of Nigeria travel, visit overland tour operator Dragoman today.