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Sochi Travel Agents and Tour Operators

The following tour operators offer interesting travel packages and holiday advice on Sochi. Please contact us if you would like to suggest other quality travel agents specialising in vacations to Sochi.


ExploRussia is an 'off the beaten track' tour operator in Russia that offers authentic and exclusive travel experiences. The founders of ExploRussia, having travelled the world, wanted to promote the natural beauty, traditional culture and, especially, the unknown spaces in Russia, as well as the lesser-known features of Russian life. They have created many tours, and also offer bespoke tours in Russia, in order to cater to the many different interests of their well-travelled clients. Popular options include urban tours lasting a few hours, multi-day trips across Siberia, kayaking and trekking tours for the adventurous, and historical and cultural tours of many different kinds.


Express to Russia

Express to Russia is a popular tour operator in Russia that specialises in unique travel packages. Express to Russia offer tours of Russia's major cities, trans-Siberian excursions and tours of the natural beauty of Russia for small groups, individuals and couples. Their tour packages cater for different budgets and tastes, and are customisable to ensure a fully personalised experience of Russia. These features are standard for many tour operators in Russia, but Express to Russia has gone beyond the norm and have created niche tour packages to celebrate things like the beauty of Russian Ballet, the genius of Russian literature, the culinary delights of Siberia and the history of Jews in Russia. Express to Russia have expanded the horizons of travel in Russia for over a decade with their unique combinations of Russian tours.


Into Russia

Into Russia is a tour operator that has been synonymous with travel in Russia since 1938. The company offers carefully crafted holiday tours and suggested independent itineraries that are designed to reveal the highlights of the country for holiday-makers from around the world. Into Russia has contracts with all the major airlines providing flights to Russia, Ukraine and the Baltics offering expert tours and all-inclusive services. Into Russia offers a diverse range of tour options and also caters for all budgets, bringing Russia to life with their decades of experience.