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Madrid Travel Agents and Tour Operators

The following tour operators offer interesting travel packages and holiday advice on Madrid. Please contact us if you would like to suggest other quality travel agents specialising in vacations to Madrid.

Spain Adventures

Spain Adventures invites travellers to be participants rather than merely tourists and this is the reason they are a leading adventure tour operator in Spain today. Most tour groups will let visitors observe Spain, but Spain Adventures will guide travellers on how to live, travel and enjoy Spain as locals do. Actively tour the major cities and countryside of this magnificent country on cycling routes or on foot, and enjoy the gourmet food and wine, while learning about the history and culture of Spain. Travel in Spain is their speciality and they offer affordable as well as luxury travel options for all adventurers.


The Unique Traveller

Sometimes normal is not enough and The Unique Traveller is a tour operator in Spain that goes beyond the norm to deliver an 'off the beaten path' experience of travel in Spain. They offer a wide variety of tours to individual, group and corporate clients, offering some of the best budget travel and luxury holidays in Spain. Live like locals in Catalonia, enjoy gourmet food and wine at a festival in Rioja, or take a bespoke holiday in Barcelona. The Unique Traveller has been exploring Spain for over two decades in order to seek out the most exclusive accommodation, the most secluded natural sites and the most entertaining routes, always combining professional service with authentic Mediterranean hospitality.


Totally Spain

Totally Spain is a popular tour operator in Spain that has over 15 years of experience in guiding travellers. Their team is comprised of highly experienced travel professionals who are experts in local culture and know the landscape as only locals can. Totally Spain conducts in depth tours of the various Spanish regions, the major cities and also caters to the adventurous traveller with hiking and biking routes across Spain. There are also cultural, religious and historical tours available and the diverse range of tours will cater to all needs. Totally Spain has made all tours customisable, so a holiday in Spain will never be without a little personal touch.