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Haifa International Film Festival
Haifa International Film Festival © David King

Haifa International Film Festival

The annual Haifa International Film Festival takes place during the holiday of Succoth. Held on Mount Carmel's ridge, it's one of the most important film celebrations in Israel. It's also Haifa's most anticipated event and attracts many internationally acclaimed actors, directors and other aficionados. The industry attaches great value to awards given at the festival, so competition is fierce. About 60,000 spectators and thousands more press and film professionals take part in various activities, including screenings, workshops, lectures and outdoor events. An estimated 300,000 people attend the week-long affair. The celebration covers between 200 and 300 new films, including feature films, documentaries, animations, short films and tributes. Attendees will relish the venue's sea views, and the festival is known for its fun and friendly atmosphere. Accompanying festivities include music concerts, craft markets and a street party.

Venue: Mount Carmel
Date: 12 - 22 October 2019
Website: https://www.haifaff.co.il/eng