Figueres, Barcelona

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A wonderful daytrip destination from Barcelona, Figueres is a lovely Catalonian town that also happens to be the birthplace of surrealist artist Salvador Dali. The main reason for visiting Figueres is to see the Dali Theatre and Museum (Teatre-Museu Dalí), a suitably bizarre-looking building - pink, studded, and crowned with enormous eggs - that was not only designed by Dali, but which houses a full spectrum of his imaginative output including paintings, sculptures, 3D collages, mechanical devices, and weird and wonderful installations, such as a living-room with furniture that looks like the face of Mae West when viewed at a certain angle. The mortal remains of the artist are kept in the museum's basement. There is simply no better way to get an appreciation of Dali's genius than by visiting the Teatre-Museu Dalí, and, whether you end up loving or hating his creations, they are sure to keep you thinking and talking about them for months after your visit. Be warned that many of Dali's works are erotic or grotesque in nature, and may upset younger visitors, making the museum a dubious attraction for families with kids. Feeling like a journey into the artist's mind, this museum is a must for fans.