Anguilla travel information

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The Basics

Time: GMT -4

Electricity: Electrical current in Anguilla is 110 volts, 60Hz with flat blade attachment plugs and flat blades with round grounding pin plugs in use.

Language: English is the official language in Anguilla.

Getting around: There are more than 60 miles (97km) of roads on Anguilla, the majority of them with a sealed surface. Car, bike, jeep and taxi hire are available. Driving is on the left and the speed limit is 30mph (48km/h).

Travel Health: Travellers over a year old arriving from infected areas require a yellow fever vaccination certificate. Hepatitis A vaccinations are recommended for all travellers as well as polio and tetanus vaccinations. It is advisable to get a hepatitis B vaccination if travellers will have intimate contact with the locals, especially if staying for over 6 months. Mains water on Anguilla is chlorinated, but bottled water is available and recommended for visitors. All food on the island is safe to eat. There are three private medical clinics and a small hospital, which can deal with minor emergencies, but serious cases are transferred to neighbouring islands or the USA mainland. Adequate medical insurance is therefore strongly advised.

Tipping: A service charge of 10% is generally added to restaurant and hotel bills in Anguilla, and any tipping over and above this is discretionary.

Safety Information: Visits to Anguilla are trouble-free. The crime rate is low, but it is wise to take sensible precautions with valuables. Hurricanes usually affect the island between June and November.

Local Customs: In Anguilla skimpy dress in public is frowned upon and nudity on beaches is not permitted.

Business: Business in Anguilla is centred on tourism and the financial services, as it is a zero-tax environment and an offshore jurisdiction. Due to the balmy climate, lightweight suits or a buttoned up shirt are sufficient for business meetings. Business hours are Monday to Friday from 8am to 4pm.

Communications: The international dialling code for Anguilla is +1 264. The island is well covered by a GSM mobile network. The outgoing code is 011 (eg. 01144 to the UK). An internet service provider is operating on the island with easy access in the resorts and large cities.

Duty Free: Goods that may be brought into Anguilla without paying duty are 200 cigarettes or 225g of tobacco and 1.14 litres of spirits.