Botswana Fishing

Tigerfish © Pia Waugh

Botswana's Okavango River calmly swirls between shore banks before dissipating into the desert delta. The river's tiger fish won't go so peacefully. Each year in October lowering water levels in the delta push the river's fish into the main channel. Each rung on the food chain benefits from the subsequent feeding frenzy of concentrated prey. Fishermen are the luckiest. Angling for the tiger fish in this season is relatively easy, but hooking and landing the ferocious fish is different. They are some of the toughest fresh water fighters in the world and also what makes Botswana fishing worth a river safari.

Visitors can opt for om-shore camps and lodges that offer daily fishing outings. These vary widely in price but are usually much cheaper compared to fish lodges around the world. Another option is to board a houseboat and spend all day and night on the water. Fishing dries up with the water in January and February when the river is too low.