Grand Cayman

Rum Point, Grand Cayman © Lhb1239
Most of the population of the Cayman Islands live on the 78 square mile (202 sq km) Grand Cayman, the largest island in the chain, and every day thousands of visitors arrive, many of them on cruise liners, to besiege the narrow streets of the island capital, George Town, and delight in the beautiful beaches. The busy little colonial capital also draws its fair share of wheelers and dealers, being a major offshore investment centre with more than 500 banks.

The banking business has made Grand Cayman an affluent society, but decadence has not accompanied the wealth. There are no glitzy casinos and wild club venues here, and nudity on the beach is frowned upon. The natural attractions are enough to draw the crowds, however, with the coral reefs, clear waters, and sandy beaches offering the chance to try out any watersport imaginable. The tourist infrastructure on Grand Cayman is very good, providing anything travellers might need; the other islands are far less developed, making Grand Cayman the natural hub for all activities and amenities.


Cayman Turtle Farm, Grand Cayman © Lhb1239

Boatswain's Beach

Boatswain's Beach is Cayman's premier attraction. It features the famous Cayman Turtle Farm, an Education Centre, as well as a one of a kind marine park, with 23 acres of reef lagoon in which guests can snorkel. When Christopher Columbus first discovered the Cayman...  see full details

Hell © Maxws2


A popular and slightly bizarre stop on any tour of Grand Cayman, Hell is a tiny village that features strange black limestone rock formations that are said to resemble the Underworld. Though Cayman residents are generally religious, residents of Hell show their sense of...  see full details

Pedro St James Castle, Grand Cayman © Lhb1239

Pedro St James Castle

East of George Town is Pedro St James, the islands' oldest surviving building, originally built by an Englishman who arrived here on Grand Cayman in 1765. Local stories also associate the house with the pirate Henry Morgan and a 17th-century Spaniard, Pedro Gómez. The...  see full details

Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Garden © Lhb1239

Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park

The Cayman Islands are better known for their sea life than flora and fauna on land, but for keen botanists or those who would simply like a pleasant walk, the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park is hard to beat. A well-marked mile-long (3km)...  see full details

Rum Point © Judith Duk

Rum Point

Rum Point Beach consists of hundreds of yards of crystal-clear shallow sand flats, perfect for snorkelling in a conservation marine park. It is a tranquil retreat where hammocks slung under shady trees, picnic tables, a sandy beach, and warm shallow waters provide a relaxing...  see full details

Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman © Judith Duk

Seven Mile Beach

Just north of George Town, Seven Mile Beach is a beautiful stretch of white sand that curls around the west of Grand Cayman. A bit of a misnomer, Seven Mile Beach is actually only five and a half miles (8.8km) long, and is...  see full details

Stingray City, Grand Cayman © Kfulgham84

Stingray City and Sandbar

Stingray City and the Sandbar are snorkelling sites located in the North Sound, and are a must-visit for watersports enthusiasts. The clear shallow waters are frequented by friendly stingrays that come to find out what titbits visitors have brought them. Boat tours take snorkellers...  see full details


Edward England Flag © WarX

Pirates Week Festival

The pirates invade George Town each November for a fiesta of music, dancing, costumes, food, drink, and fireworks. Pirate Week is a one of a kind occasion and really the only place to celebrate these colourful characters of the past is in the...  see full details

George Town, Cayman Islands © Roger Wollstadt

Intertrust Cayman Islands Marathon

The Intertrust Cayman Islands Marathon gives runners the opportunity to race on a beautiful, fast, and flat course. There's one loop for half marathoners and two for the marathoners. The option to extend the trip into a relaxing post-marathon island holiday is also available. The...  see full details