Ghana Attractions

Ghana is a beautiful country, often affectionately called 'Africa for Beginners' because of its friendly locals and the fact that it is a comparatively stable and prosperous country, ideal for first-time travellers in Africa. This does not mean, however, that travel in Ghana is always without complication, particularly as the tourist infrastructure is only well developed in certain popular areas. Visitors tend to spend their time in the capital city, Accra, the historic royal stronghold of Kumasi, traditional home of the Ashanti people, and in various picturesque coastal villages. One of the best ways to enjoy Ghana is to explore the coastline, which boasts both incredible tropical beaches and a number of historic colonial forts, many of which are UNESCO-listed. There are two alluring National Parks in the country, where visitors can seek out Ghana's wealth of wildlife: Kakum National Park is a rainforest reserve with some amazing canopy walkways suspended above the forest; and Mole National Park is a massive wildlife reserve, consisting mainly of savanna, and containing more than 90 mammal species.

Visitors should note that in the rainy season, between April and October, many roads in Ghana become so muddy and flooded that they are impossible to traverse, making some attractions, like the national parks, very difficult to access.

Mole National Park

Mole National Park

Mole National Park, in the northwest of the country, is Ghana's largest reserve and the best place to do some game viewing. The terrain is mostly flat savanna which makes it ideal for spotting animals. Visitors are likely to see elephants, warthogs, hippos, buffalos,...  see full details

Lake Bosumtwi, Kumasi, Ghana


Kumasi is the traditional home of the Ashanti people and is a rich cultural centre. The city is also celebrated for its diverse flora and sometimes called 'The Garden City' as a result. Kumasi is situated near Lake Bosumtwi on land which was...  see full details

Cape Coast Castle, Ghana

The Ghanaian Coast

Ghana is blessed with hundreds of miles of pristine coastline and the country's beaches are some of its greatest attractions. Some of the best beaches can be found at Busua and Dixcove, two rustic fishing villages conveniently close to Accra. The beaches are long...  see full details

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