Israel Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving © Rob

One of the scuba diving world's better-kept secrets, Israel is a fantastic destination for both amateur and seasoned diving and snorkelling enthusiasts. The small city of Eilat on Israel's southern coast is roundly considered to have some of the world's premier shore-based diving resorts, and the Red Sea in general, with its gorgeous coral reefs, rich marine life and excellent visibility, is one of the most rewarding underwater realms divers can explore anywhere on the planet. Some of the best dive sites in the Red Sea off Eilat are the Satil Wreck (suitable for all levels of experience), the Yatush Wreck (for experienced divers), Eel Garden, the Caves, and the Coral Beach Reserve. There are plenty of dive schools, shops and centres in Eilat and finding equipment and advice shouldn't be difficult.

There are also excellent diving opportunities available off Israel's Mediterranean coastline (accessible from Tel Aviv or Haifa), where divers can poke around undersea canyons, arches and shipwrecks. Renowned dive sites in the Mediterranean off Tel Aviv include the Gordon Caves and Bird Head Canyon, incredible reef dives featuring tunnels and caverns, and the wreck of the Amazing Sea Wolf. The Tel Aviv Diving Centre offers lessons and tours.