Things to see in Latvia

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Latvia Attractions

Riga Castle

Riga Castle

Riga Castle (or Riga Pils) was built in 1330 on the site of the original settlement of the city as a residence for the master of the Livonian Order, and later it served as the base for the city's occupiers throughout its history....  see full details

The Museum of the Occupation of Riga

Latvia was occupied from 1949 to 1991 by two successive regimes, in the forms of Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia. This well-curated museum conveys what life was like during this time, and serves as a memorial to those who died or fled as...  see full details

Classic Jurgendstil architecture

Art Nouveau Architecture

The city of Riga contains the highest concentration of Art Nouveau architecture in the world. Otherwise know as Jugendstil, some of the buildings in central and downtown Riga date as far as the late 19th Century. The style is characterised by unusual shapes, curved...  see full details

Riga\'s Motor Museum

Riga Motor Museum

What is undoubtedly eastern Europe's finest motor museum is tucked away on the outskirts of Riga, and makes for an essential outing if you enjoy classic cars and Soviet history. The museum contains Molotov's limousine, Stalin's bombproof sedan, and the wreck of Brezhnev's car...  see full details

Jurmala beach


Jurmala is the main holiday resort town in Latvia, the place locals go to when they want to relax, catch a tan and enjoy a spa treatment. The beaches are very good, including the Baltic's only Blue Flag beach, and the seafood restaurants...  see full details