The Azure Window © MalteseKnight

Malta's little sister island of Gozo invites visitors to put on their walking shoes. Life here moves at a leisurely pace, its rhythms dictated by the seasons, with a rugged landscape and beautiful coastline just crying out for exploration.

Inland, flowering herbs and hardy Mediterranean crops cover the small island, and in summer it is fragrant with oleander, bougainvillea, and geranium. The island has some picturesque rock formations, some fascinating caves, and lovely beaches.

Gozo has some of the Mediterranean's best snorkelling and scuba diving sites. But it is also a place of myth and legend, believed to be the Calypso isle of Homer's Odyssey. The countryside is dotted with old stone farmhouses and Baroque churches, as well as some prehistoric temples and other historic sites of importance.

The commercial centre of the island, Victoria, has a sleepy 17th-century feel. The town has many buildings of historical and cultural interest, mostly situated inside the Citadel, the ancient fortified part of the town.

In the Citadel, tourists can enjoy numerous museums and wonderful views of the entire island. Gozo is a quiet, ancient, and atmospheric tourist destination and is reachable from Malta's Grand Harbour by ferry in about 20 minutes.


Azure Window © anjab1593

Azure Window

A marvellous Maltese treat, the Azure Window is a distinctive rock formation forming a large arch over the brilliant blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Formed when several enormous caves collapsed, it's often been a perfect location for film shoots.

Located in Gozo,...  see full details

Caves © Heini Samuelsen

Caves of Xaghra

The alabaster caves at Xaghra feature amazing stalactites and stalagmites. One of them, named Calypso Cave, has an important place in Greek mythology and overlooks the red sand of Gozo's best beach, Ramla Ihamra. The grotto is believed to be the one referred to...  see full details

Ggantija Temples © Jennifer Morrow

Ggantija Temples

Sometime between 4,100 BC and 2,500 BC, Pre-Phoenician Gozitans carved two massive megaliths into temples which now stand as mysterious monuments to a bygone age. Legend has it that they were transported to the island by a giantess called Sansuna, hence the site's...  see full details

The Citadel

A good place to begin exploring Gozo is the Citadel, or Citadella, an historic castle right in the centre of Victoria. The area that is now the Citadel was first fortified around 1500 BC, with further developments occurring under Phoenician and Roman rule. see full details