Slovenia © Abrget47j

At half the size of Switzerland, Slovenia is a small country in the south of central Europe, packed with unusual and often unique attractions and experiences. From primeval forests, thermal springs and mysterious karst (limestone plateau) caves to a lively and architecturally beautiful capital city, visitors will never want for entertainment in this picturesque corner of Europe.

Sandwiched between Italy, Croatia, Hungary and Austria, with a coastline on the Adriatic Sea to the southwest, Slovenia boasts about 2,000 hours of sunshine per year in which to enjoy all its offerings. Whether relaxing on the beach, or skiing down alpine slopes, exploring the country's subterranean wonders, or relaxing at a lavish casino, visitors to Slovenia can enjoy many amazing and diverse experiences in the space of one short holiday.

The vibrant capital city sports a mix of Baroque, Renaissance and Art Nouveau architecture, and after belonging to the Austro-Hungarian Empire for many centuries, Ljubljana exudes an old-world charm and atmosphere.

The locals are proud to explain why visitors are enchanted by their country: Slovenia is the only country in the world with 'love' in its name! An up-and-coming European holiday destination, travellers are strongly urged to check out Slovenia before it is forever changed by the inevitable effects of mass tourism.

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