Port Elizabeth, Bequia © simonsimages
Overview: Still a small island but the second largest in the Grenadines island chain, Bequia's main port is Port Elizabeth, a sleepy, surprisingly non-touristy town built along a picturesque little bay with lush forested hills behind. The most popular sights in the town itself include an open air market which exudes an 18th-century feel and the Belmont Walkway, a pretty path which winds past the town's shops and restaurants along Admiralty Bay. Only small ships can find berths very close to Port Elizabeth so cruise ships usually anchor further out in the natural harbour of Admiralty Bay. Cruise ship passengers are quickly tendered to the docks in Port Elizabeth from where most the islands attractions can be easily reached on foot.

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A tourism booth is located at Port Elizabeth docks.

Transport: Most attractions are easily reached on foot although both taxis and water taxis are available from the docks in Port Elizabeth. Taxi drivers can be hired for an hour's tour of the island or for short rides but fares should be agreed on prior to departure as the taxis are not metered. Water taxis can take passengers directly to Princess Margaret or Lower Bay Beach.
Attractions: Port Elizabeth is a tranquil and interesting town to stroll around, particularly along the Belmont Walkway and the open air market. Paradisiacal beaches are easily reached, including Lower Bay and Princess Margaret where a list of fun activities are available like sailing, scuba diving, snorkelling and fishing. Other popular sights include watching baby turtles at Oldhegg Turtle Sanctuary and viewing the rock-built houses of Moonhole.
  • The Fig Tree - local Caribbean cuisine with friendly service
  • L'Auberge des Grenadines - excellent seafood and French cuisine in an elegant environment
  • Mac's Pizzeria - great for island-style pizza with lobster

Best dish: Lobster Pizza

Shopping: Shopping is a bit limited and most stores specialise more in yacht provisions than touristy souvenirs; however, several model boat shops are near famous and strolls along the Belmont Walkway and open air market go past several charming boutiques. Produce stalls offer fresh fruit all over town and self-caterers should find all they need.

Best buy: Model Boats

  • Explore Hamilton Fort
  • Visit the whaling village
  • Sail to hidden beaches at Mustique
  • Relax on Princess Margaret Beach
  • Stroll through Montreal Gardens