French phrasebook

English FrenchPronounciation
hello bonjour boh-jhour
goodbye au revoir au rev wahr
thank you merci mehr see
please s'il vous plait seel vu play
yes/no oui/non wee/noh
my name is je m'appelle juhm up el
where is ou est oo eh
do you speak English? parlez-vous anglais? par lay vu on glay
I don't understand je ne comprends pas juh nuh cohn praw pa
I need a doctor j'ai besoin d'un docteur je buh zwa da dok tur
one, two, three, four, five un, deux, trois, quatre, cinq oon, dew, twa, quart-re, seenk

Arabic phrasebook

English ArabicPronounciation
hello as-salaam-alaikum ah sull aam ull ay coom
goodbye ma'assalama ehm ahss ahlama
thank you shokran shoh cran
please men fadlak (male), men fadlik (female) mein fadluk
yes/no na'am/la nah ahm/la
my name is ismi iz me
how much? bikam? bee come
where is? fein? feen
I don't understand ana la afham ana la ufhum
one, two, three, four, five wahid, ithinin, talatha, arba'a, khamisa wah-hid, eetineen, talata, arba, kaamissa
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