10 Best Vacation Destinations in May

The month of May is a magical time to travel. The northern hemisphere is warming up and as it’s not yet peak season, so air fares and accommodation are still relatively cheap and travellers can enjoy their pick of the world’s best destinations with fewer crowds and better prices all round!

Here is our list of the top 10 destinations to visit during the month of May:

> Minorca, Spain
A holiday to the Balearic island of Minorca in May is a must! Not only is it off-season, meaning it’s quieter, cheaper and less crowded, but it’s also blessed with beautiful warm weather in which to enjoy the exotic sugary white sandy beaches and coves which are gently lapped by the turquoise Mediterranean waters. It also boasts a stunning and unspoilt natural beauty that can only be discovered when leaving the quaint and architecturally picturesque towns to explore the island. Go scuba diving or windsurfing in Fornells, party the night away at the cave disco at the Cova d’en Xoroi in the exquisite Cala ‘n Porter, visit the 17th century town of Ferreries located among lush rolling hills and meadows, sample the local gin at the Xoriguer Gin Distillery and take a boat ride on a the glass-bottomed boat past luxury yachts and Richard Branson’s holiday house in Mahon, or enjoy a sunset dinner in the town of Ciutadella while sipping on some of Spain’s finest wines.

> Laos
Travellers willing to brave the monsoon season of Laos in the month of May will be rewarded with fewer crowds, cheaper fares, slightly cooler weather and still, plenty of sunshine. The monsoon downpours never last too long, and the warm and welcoming sunshine between showers will warm you through to your bones. Enjoy the celebrations and magical lantern procession in Luang Prabang during the first full moon of the month when locals celebrate Visakha Busa (Buddha’s birthday), while travellers in Vientiane can enjoy fireworks and bamboo rockets. The main festival and one that brings with it great revelry, colour, and plenty of bamboo rockets is the annual Rocket Festival, which is spread of three days, marking the start of the rainy season. Dance to the music, be captivated by the traditional dance, watch the processions of floats pass you by, and get all fired up for the third day’s firing of home-made rockets.

> Egypt
It may only be the start of the hot season in May, but that’s not the only thing that’s getting hot in Egypt. The Red Sea resorts offer a holiday with a difference and the warm waters of the Red Sea off the Sinai Peninsula are home to some of the world’s best scuba diving. Head to Sharm el-Sheikh or Dahab if you plan on discovering the sunken treasures that lie beneath the clear turquoise waters in the Ras Mohammed National Park and the Straits of Tiran, while the resorts of El Gouna, Taba Heights, Hurghada or Makadi Bay are perfect for those looking to relax and unwind in the Egyptian sun and enjoy a bit of snorkelling exploration. Those who prefer an even lazier holiday should kick back and relax on board a Nile cruise where they can sample fine cuisine, enjoy napping in opulent cabins and enjoy sights such as the Temple of Karnak and the West Bank’s Valley of the Kings in complete style and luxury!

> British Columbia
A holiday in British Columbia in May is fabulous as most travellers tend to prefer to come here during winter to enjoy the powder snow at ski resorts such as Whistler and Fernie Alpine Resort, but these also make attractive summer holiday destinations. With spectacular hiking, mountain biking, summer camps for the kids, quad biking, zip trekking, river rafting, camping and fly fishing opportunities, British Columbia is one of the most underestimated year-round holiday destinations. But for those looking for a more cosmopolitan experience, the city of Vancouver has plenty to offer in the way of shopping, nightlife and restaurants for hungry visitors to explore.

> Kenya
A holiday to Kenya is great at any time of year, but especially in May as the wildly beautiful Masai Mara National Reserve is perfect to explore during the latter part of the month when the rains tend to ease off and subside creating perfect game viewing conditions for travellers wanting to get in touch with the wild on safari. The capital of Nairobi is a lively city with a diverse and energetic art and music scene, while white-sand beaches at Lamu on the coast invite those wanting a little retreat from the heat and bustle of the city. Adventurous travellers can climb Mount Kenya, or even pop across the border to give Mount Kilimanjaro a bash and enjoy magnificent view from a hot air balloon over the Masai Mara – a once in a lifetime experience!

> Iceland
The land of fire and ice is waking up after a long, cold, and very dark winter in May and as it’s not yet peak season, this is a magical time to visit this exciting far-flung land. Boasting glassy glaciers, hot thermal springs, magnificent geysers, rumbling volcanoes, lava fields, breathtaking waterfalls and snow-capped mountains, Iceland has so much to offer adventurous travellers. Spend some time in Europe’s most northerly capital, the cosmopolitan city of Reykjavik, where there is loads on offer in the way of shopping, nightlife, entertainment and restaurants. And if you’re still not sold on the idea of holiday in Iceland, did we mention you can also enjoy whale-watching, hiking the highlands, viewing Europe's largest glacier Vatnajokull; enjoying some of the world’s best fly- fishing, or even river rafting?

> Cannes, France
Ah, the French Riviera! And what better destination is there, at any time of year really, than Cannes? The hub of the beautiful, glamorous, rich and famous during the month of May, Cannes plays host to the annual Cannes Film Festival where everyone who’s anyone flocks to this picturesque resort on the Côte d’Azur to enjoy the finer side of life. Head to one of the open-air venues to view screenings of some of Hollywood’s big blockbuster movies, or hang out at movie premieres and after-parties to catch a glimpse of your favourite celebrity. But away from all the buzz and camera flashes, the miles of sandy beaches, sultry sunshine, bright blue sea and luxurious clubs and shops are a hive of activity and beautiful people clad in the latest designer wear flaunt their stuff down the world-renowned promenade – but hey, it’s all in a day’s work in Cannes.

> Estoril, Portugal
Estoril is a May holiday with a difference - the trendy holiday resort on Costa do Estoril is a popular holiday destination with a good lashing of elegance, class and luxury. Attracting a slightly older and wealthier crowd, Estoril doesn’t really cater to riff-raff and holidaymakers can rest assured that the larger louts and under-30s crowd will stay far away from this upscale resort. With invitingly gorgeous golden sandy beaches, a strip of luxury hotels, ATP tennis tournaments, eight golf courses to choose from and one of Europe’s largest and most renowned casinos to while away the hours either making a fortune or gambling it away, travellers visiting Estoril will have plenty to occupy their time in this idyllic playground.

> Hamilton, Bermuda
May is perhaps the best time of year to travel to anywhere in the Caribbean, and indeed, Hamilton. With beautiful weather, hours of sunshine, exciting water sports, un-crowded attractions and accommodations as well as miles of sandy beaches, travellers will have this little pearl of the Caribbean all to themselves. A few downsides to travelling to Hamilton in May is that a few of the attractions may be closed, the evenings might be slightly cooler and the town might be lacking its usual energy and atmosphere, but for those looking for a quiet and relaxing tropical holiday – look no further. With fabulous shopping at the cruise terminal on Front Street or at Kings Wharf, Hamilton has plenty of duty free shopping and relatively un-crowded stores to peruse at your leisure.

> Geneva, Switzerland
May is a wonderful time to travel to the picturesque city of Geneva. Enjoy a holiday on the edge of the largest lake in central Europe and watch the magnificent Jet d'Eau on Lake Geneva, or spend some time in the old town taking in the sights, splurging on Swiss chocolate or the watch you’ve always dreamed of, or dining out in some of Geneva’s finest restaurants. During the month of May, any visitor who considers themselves something of a wine connoisseur can take part in the free tasting and sampling of wine at Geneva’s wineries while exploring region’s more rural side at the annual Caves Ouvertes.

May is a great month to travel to some of the most exotic countries in the world and, with all these options and more, travellers planning a mid-year holiday break will avoid the crowds, get some of the best weather, and enjoy the benefit of off-peak prices and airfares. What more could one want from the perfect holiday?

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