Horse Safaris: Riding the World

Looking for the perfect opportunity to escape the usual beaten tourist trail? Saddle up and try a horse safari for a unique experience that combines the enjoyment of riding with the love of all things wild. Couple that with the thrill of an outdoor adventure and travellers will discover a completely different view of their surroundings.

Whether riding through the mountains with breathtaking views of the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu high above the clouds in Peru, viewing the Big Five on safari in Kenya, trudging through the Okavango Delta in Botswana, or breaking into a canter along the sugary white beaches of Australia, there is the perfect horse safari out there for you.

Skill level not important
Travellers should consider what kind of safari they’re after as their skill level can have a major impact on the type of trail they are suitable to ride, and choices are endless and quite varied. You don’t have to be an experienced rider to take on the quest of exploring the world on horseback.

Many riding holiday companies cater to riders of all abilities, including beginners, but these are not usually of the overnight trek variety and certain horse safari destinations are best left to more experienced riders, such as endurance trekking through Namibia or Rajasthan in India, and trekking through the Torres del Paine National Park in Chile, where long days in the saddle, challenging riding and harsh conditions can be expected.

Dude Ranches
Ranch holidays, also known as ‘dude ranches’, are growing in popularity amongst travellers who are after the quintessential Wild West experience in the vast expanses of America, such as Arizona, Utah, Montana or Mexico. Cattle drives, scorching conditions and harsh terrain conjure up images of Blazing Saddles and riders will be exhausted, yet highly rewarded at the end of their day’s work.

Horses for courses
The opportunity to ride all different breeds of horse is also a major factor for lovers of all things equestrian. From the exquisite Marwari mount horse in India and the Peruvian Paso horse in Peru, to the friendly and easy nature of the American Quarter horse and paint horse, riders will enjoy discovering uncharted territory atop some of the world’s most exotic breeds.

From wildlife safari rides in Africa to mellow mountain trekking through the Matra Mountains in Hungary, the types of terrain encountered are highly variable. Trotting through snowy mountains and dense rainforest, or galloping through vast deserts and the dry brush of the Australian outback, riders can find themselves in some of the world’s most picturesque and majestic environments when they embark on a horse safari.

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