Surfing the World's Best Breaks

Time it right and an endless summer awaits. Perhaps the most eco-friendly sport of all, surfing is a thrilling way to experience a foreign country – all you need is waves and a board! A great activity for old and young alike, whether you’re just starting out or are an experienced wave rider, surfing is not only incredibly rewarding, but also highly addictive and makes for an exciting day’s activity in the great outdoors.

From the warm waters of the Indian and Pacific Oceans to the icy Atlantic shores of Australia and Africa, one thing’s for sure: waves are in endless supply. Many a surfer’s quest for the ultimate barrel has led them to some of the most beautiful (and sometimes remote) countries in the world and certainly off the beaten path. Wherever your travels take you, you can be certain there’s a wave out there for you.

Beginner waves are in short supply but most surfing centres will usually be overflowing with surf schools and equipment rental stores. Surf camps are also available in more established areas such as Hawaii and Indonesia for a range of different abilities. Camps will take surfers on a tour of all the best spots over a period of days.

For some gnarly waves and renowned breaks, suit up and brave the cold Atlantic coast of South Africa or visit the surf capital of Australia and take advantage of the endless coastline and world-class waves. Ditch your wetsuit and head to the warmer, crystal clear waters and perfect reef breaks of Indonesia or for the ultimate surfing experience, visit the home of surfing and get barrelled in Hawaii.

Holiday destinations such as Mozambique and Mexico offer some exceptional wave riding opportunities and even on the sub-continent, Sri Lanka is making a name for itself on the international surf scene. Whether you’re trekking through South America or backpacking through Europe, wherever there’s coastline, a bit of swell and the right wind, you can be sure there’ll be a wave out there just waiting to be enjoyed!

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