Weather in France in September

Is September a good time to go to France?

September in France has all the benefits of the summer, but without the crowds and peak summer costs. The weather in France is warm but not stiflingly hot as summer can sometimes be and French tourists have returned home as the school holiday season is over. September is one of the shoulder seasons in France, so airfare and accommodation prices are decreasing from their summer peaks. This is an ideal time for hikers because the trails are quiet, and food and wine lovers will relish the seasons harvest at one of the many festivals in the region.

Climate in France in September

September is warm with regular precipitation. Average temperatures in the South of France are between 15°C and 25°C (59°F and 77°F), and northern, central and eastern climates between 11°C and 21°C (52°F and 70°F), with western areas slightly cooler than the rest. Autumn in France is a wet month and the wettest parts of the country are in the south.

Rainfall in the South of France and the western areas is between 70mm and 90mm (2.8in and 3.5in), and often exceeds these amounts, so come prepared for some wet weather.  The northern, central and eastern areas experience between 50mm and 70mm (2in and 2.8in) rainfall.

What’s on in France in September?

September has a wide array of cultural, food and wine, as well as musical events during the month.  The Paris Autumn Festival is one of the best cultural exhibitions in France and features the best of French art, theatre, music and cinema. The International Festival of Photojournalism draws over 200,000 and 3,000 professionals to experience the world through the hands of its best photographers. The Basque Country Music Festival celebrates Basque traditions in the South of France, while the Rice Feria celebrates different traditions, hosting bullfighting and equestrian events to entertain the crowds.

September is undoubtedly the month for wine connoisseurs and cultural enthusiasts, as this the harvest month, celebrated in festivals across the region, and for those who want to drink fine wine and dance to smooth Jazz, the Jazz a Beaune is one of the premier Jazz and wine festivals in France. This season is also ideal for an au natural French experience, as hiking trails will be free of the summer crowds. It is also a good time to experience authentic French culture, without the tourist frills.


What to pack for a holiday in France in September

Pack layers of clothing for September because the weather can be unpredictable. Pack long sleeved shirts, light and warm jerseys, jeans, trousers and a coat, which will work for hot and cold weather. September can still be hot so don’t forget to pack hats and sunscreen, and keep a raincoat or umbrella close by because it often rains. Hikers are encouraged to bring walking shoes or sturdy boots, depending on how strenuous the trail is, and the elevated regions require slightly warmer clothing and a heavier coat. Pack some smart clothing for a special night out, because some events and restaurants require formal attire.