Weather in Tenerife in December

Is December a good time to visit Tenerife?

Yes, indeed! If you want to escape mid-winter in Europe and spend a week or so in the sun, the Spanish island of Tenerife in the Atlantic ocean off of the west coast of Africa is a great option. Although Tenerife lies (only just) in the northern hemisphere, December in the year-round sunny resorts in the south of the island offer warm, bright weather with a view of snow-capped Mount Teide. Sunshine for Christmas is but a few hours flying time away from the frosty north!

Climate in Tenerife in December

With an average temperature, during the day, of 22°C, around six hours of sunshine, and very little rainfall, Tenerife is the perfect winter holiday destination. Avoid the north of the island at this time of year, which is likely to be cooler and fairly wet, but in the southern beach resorts you will catch a tan to take home to be the envy of your winter-bound friends and family. The sea temperature is a tempting 20°C in December.

What’s on in Tenerife in December

Christmas in the Canary Islands kicks off on Tenerife with two fiestas in early December – Constitution Day and the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. Both are celebrated in true exuberant island style, and are followed up with the excitement of the El Gordo lottery on 22nd December. Christmas Eve and Christmas day are traditionally celebrated at home with family on the island, but visitors at the Tenerife resorts will find plenty of festive fare and atmosphere to mark the occasion.

What to pack for a holiday in Tenerife in December

It may be mid-winter in the northern climes, but visiting Tenerife in December demands the accompaniment of sunblock, swimwear, shorts, skirts and t-shirts. In the evening a cosy jacket is mandatory, and for those exploring the interior or north of the island winter-wear in the form of coat, padded trousers and waterproofing is advisable.