Peru Surfing

Surfing, South Africa © Ms.akr

Peru is a wonderful destination for surfers, boasting some of the longest waves in the world, consistent offshore winds, reliable swell, and fairly warm water. The north coast has one of the largest left hand point breaks in the world and long, empty waves in beautiful locations. Lima is the travel hub for surfers, with good waves almost daily and popular surf spots which can become crowded with locals. A large variety of surf spots (beach breaks, sandbars, rocky bottoms, point breaks, barrels, and more) cater to all levels of experience, and a number of surf shops and schools service the surfing community. Local surfers are usually friendly but respect should always be shown by foreigners. Sharks are not an issue along the Peruvian coast, and no attacks have yet been reported. During summer many surfers opt to go without wetsuits, but in spring and autumn short-sleeved suits are required, and in winter a full-body 3.2mm wetsuit is ideal. Booties are also a good idea. The water is warmer than on the Californian coast, but it can still get chilly.

Peru has produced a number of international surfing champions and the sport is popular with locals. Images on pre-Incan pottery suggest that even ancient Peruvians may have attempted a version of the sport, probably as a fishing technique, but claims that surfing originated in Peru are unproven.