Money: The official currency is Sol (PEN), divided into 100 céntimos. Visa is the most widely accepted credit card, but all major international credit cards are accepted in many, but not all, establishments. Outside of big cities, facilities may be more limited. US Dollars are the easiest currency to exchange and plenty of restaurants, hotels, and shops in the main cities accept dollars for payment. Casas de cambio (exchange bureaux) often give better rates than hotels and banks and can be found in any town on the tourist circuit. ATMs are available in the main cities.

Currency Exchange Rates

PEN 1.00 = AED 1.11 AUD 0.43 CAD 0.41 EUR 0.27 NZD 0.46 GBP 0.23 USD 0.30 ZAR 4.35

Note: These currency exchange rates are not updated daily and should be used as a guideline only.