Weather in Cape Town in August

Is August a good time to visit Cape Town?

The weather in Cape Town in August is quite similar to the wet and windy weather in June and July. Cape Town winters are the reason Cape Town was nicknamed ‘the Cape of Storms’ by the Dutch sailors who used the city as a refreshment station. August weather in Cape Town is generally quite rainy coupled with a fair amount of wind. However, when the rain stops there tend to be a number of beautiful sunny, still and clear days before the bout of wet weather sets in. Winters in Cape Town are best enjoyed with a glass of red wine in front of the fire or strolling on the deserted beaches during the calm days.


Climate in Cape Town in August

The climate in Cape Town during August is unpredictable. The city begins to shake off the throws of winter and visitors to the Cape Town in August will often experience all four seasons in one day. Cape Town’s climate in August is sometimes rainy, sometimes sunny but never boring. Temperatures have been known to peak at 32°C (90°F), but they generally average between 8 and 18°C (46 to 65°F). Daylight hours increase dramatically in August with ten and a half hours of daylight at the beginning of the month and close to eleven and a half hours of daylight by the end of August.

August is the time of year when Cape Town’s prevailing winds begin to change from the northwesterly wind of winter to the famous Cape Town southeaster of summer. Tourists visiting Cape Town in August should be aware that it is still winter and there will still be a significant amount of precipitation. Cape Town generally experiences an average of 77mm (three inches) of rain during August – this generally amounts to thirteen or fourteen rainy days throughout the month of July.


What's on in Cape Town in August

The highlight of Cape Town’s events in August is Cape Town Fashion Week, which is a great place to be inspired by South Africa’s top design talent. August is also a great time for whale viewing in and around Cape Town and the Hermanus Food and Wine Show is a perfect way to partake in some of South Africa’s culinary delights while doing some whale watching too. The Robertson Slow Festival is an event with a difference. The residents of the Robertson wine valley invite festival-goers into their homes to enjoy food cooked slowly and to perfection.  Visitors to Cape Town at the end of August and the beginning of September should schedule in a trip to Clanwilliam or Darling to view the wildflowers blooming across the semi-desert landscape as spring approaches.


What to pack for a holiday in Cape Town in August

August weather in Cape Town is incredibly unpredictable. Visitors to the mother city at the end of winter should pack waterproof shoes or boots, a raincoat or anorak and a few warm jerseys. Clothes appropriate for slightly warmer weather are also vital as the dry days are beautiful and best enjoyed outdoors with a light jersey on hand in case the wind picks up. Umbrellas can be useful, but the wind is a menace and often umbrellas in Cape Town’s weather are more hassle than they’re worth. Hiking clothes are also advantageous as are appropriate evening clothes for dining out, or evenings spent at one of Cape Town’s great pubs or bars.