Weather in Cape Town in June

Is June a good time to visit Cape Town?

June in Cape Town is midwinter. The days are short and traditionally June is the rainiest month in Cape Town, with some storms setting in for a number of days. However the days between storms are some of the clearest and most beautiful in Cape Town, best enjoyed on Table Mountain or walking on the clean and deserted beaches. June is off-season in Cape Town, visitors to this South African city during June can enjoy numerous winter specials and un-crowded tourist facilities.


Climate in Cape Town in June

Cape Town is best known for its Mediterranean climate, particularly evident in during the summer months. Winter in Cape Town is a decidedly different affair. Cape Town’s winter climate is typified by chilly northwesterly winds, rain that sets in for days and temperatures averaging between 8 and 18°C (46 and 64°F). Daylight hours tend to average at 10 hours per day, however the stormy weather can reduce this quite considerably. Visitors to Cape Town in June can expect at least 14 days of rain throughout the month or 93mm (3 to 4 inches) of rain. Humidity levels tend to hover in the 80 percent range, however this is seldom felt when contending with the driving rain and wind.


What's on in Cape Town

Apart from the empty beaches, un-crowded tourist attractions and the beautiful crisp days in between the stormy weather, tourists visiting Cape Town in June can look forward to a number of exciting events. The Kirstenbosch Winter Concert Series is a must for all winter visitors to Cape Town. Winter is also the perfect time to view the great white sharks at Seal Island in Cape Town, these sharks tend to breach (leap out the water) during the winter months, making June an ideal shark-viewing month.

Visitors wanting to know what’s on in Cape Town in June should look no further than the winelands, which play host to a number of winter festivals such as the Wacky Wine Weekend in Robertson, the Stellenbosch Winterfest and the Old Mutual Trophy Wine Show among others. Film connoisseurs should schedule in the Encounters Documentary Film Festival while the Vodacom Funny Festival showcases some of South Africa’s top comedians. Book lovers can enjoy the Cape Town Book Fair, a biennale festival for readers, writers and publishers.


What to pack for a holiday in Cape Town in June

June is one of Cape Town’s coldest and wettest months. Every suitcase should contain a decent pair of waterproof shoes (preferably boots), a selection of warm clothes and a trustworthy waterproof raincoat or jacket. Most restaurants, clubs and bars in Cape Town are well heated during winter so it is best to dress in layers that can be easily stripped off – most clubs and late night venues expect smart casual attire. The clear and sunny days in Cape Town during winter may still have a slight chill, on these days it is best to don a light jersey and pack a windbreaker in case the weather changes during the course of the day.