Weather in Ibiza in September

Is September a good time to visit Ibiza?

September is a great time to visit Ibiza. September is the end of the official party season in Ibiza and visitors to the island will enjoy the close of season parties and events. Many of the hotels and accommodation options in Ibiza are still booked up for September, but it does start to tone down a bit, particularly toward the end of the month. Holidaymakers in Ibiza in September can expect a slightly higher chance of rain, particularly at the end of the month, but this doesn’t deter beach goers and partygoers.


Climate in Ibiza in September

Ibiza’s Mediterranean climate in September is best enjoyed on the beach and swimming in the warm coastal waters. Average temperatures in Ibiza during September range between 20°C (67°F) and 28°C (82°F), with warmer temperatures and more sun at the beginning of the month and a higher chance of precipitation in late September. Visitors to Ibiza in September can expect long summer days with just less than eight hours of sunshine each day. Sea temperatures in Ibiza for September tend to remain at roughly 26°C (79°F) throughout the month, although this does begin to dip as the rainy season approaches at the end of September.


What’s on in Ibiza in September?

In Ibiza, there is always a reason to party, in September the key events are generally end of season parties. MTV hosts shows from Ibiza throughout summer and a popular event in early September is the MTV Ibiza closing party. From mid September onwards many of the clubs have had their closing party and the range of options for a night on the town dwindles. This is the perfect time to recoup from a summer of parties and spend time tanning on the beach. A local Spanish festival celebrated throughout the country is Diada de Catylunya, which is a national holiday on 11 September.


What to pack for a holiday in Ibiza in September

Visitors to Ibiza in early September should pack light summer clothes. Beachwear is essential as are sunglasses and tanning lotion. The evenings sometimes cool down considerably and a light cardigan may be useful, although dancing is probably one of the most popular methods of warming up a slightly cooler evening. Ibiza has a number of boutique stores, but all the popular labels are also available on the island. It’s difficult to say no to shopping in Ibiza, so pack light and indulge in some bargain hunting.