Weather in Lanzarote in October

Is October a good time to visit Lanzarote?

Some like it hot, but if you prefer a tropical beach holiday tempered by cool breezes, cool evenings and the very occasional gentle afternoon rain shower, then Lanzarote in October is the destination for you. The island, which is famed for its fair weather all year round, enters autumn with moderately high temperatures, plenty of hours of sunshine, but rather chilly nights and the slight chance of a rain shower or two. There is also a very minimal risk of a dust storm (known on the island as a calima) blowing in from the Sahara desert. This is the start of the second (weaker) dust storm season – the first being in February and March – which may stir up a bit of a haze, but certainly not impact on your sun tan.


Climate in Lanzarote in October

It may officially be the start of Autumn, but Lanzarote in October enjoys an average of 231 hours of sunshine during the month, and temperatures reaching a maximum of 27°C (80.6°F) during the day. After dark the mercury plummets to around 19°C (66.2°F) on the east coast, and a degree or two less elsewhere on the island. Night-time temperatures drop during the course of the month, so the sooner you come to Lanzarote in October, the warmer it will be for those al fresco evenings. 

There is a low to moderate risk of dust storms during October in Lanzarote. When and if these occur it will be hotter and likely followed by a light rain shower. The storms produce a dusty haze that can last several days, but the risk of one marring your holiday is slight. The average rainfall for October in Lanzarote is 7mm – hardly worth worrying about – so your suntan is guaranteed.


What’s on in Lanzarote in October

A recently introduced annual event in October in Lanzarote is “Gastronomy Week”, which celebrates the island’s local cuisine, especially seafood, with restaurants all over the island enthusiastically participating. There are usually concerts and sports events too, including the World Pro surfing contest at Famara.


What to pack for a holiday in Lanzarote in October           

Bring your beach paraphernalia and plenty of sunscreen, a sunhat and cool, comfortable clothing for daytime wear. In the evening you will need to cover up a little more, and a light jacket or jumper will keep the night chill at bay.